EXPERT.And future-orientated.



A-Kaiser GmbH disposes over a broad spectrum of industrial manufacturing processes and capabilities for the high precision pre- and final processing of semi-finished metal products. We produce everything from different unmachined metal parts (grey cast iron and spheroidal graphite iron, aluminium die castings, magnesium die castings, forged parts, steel alloys etc.), through to fully assembled axle parts.

Our portfolio covers a range of just-in-time production configurations for machining vehicle components. Intricate and delicate series machining involving lightweight unfinished aluminium and magnesium castings top off our service portfolio, as is the case for the manufacture of ‘green parts’ and parts ready for immediate installation on a plant's assembly line.

Our value-orientated process development and production planning begins with comprehensive expert knowledge of products and processes.

The combination of production systems, machines and highly trained and qualified staff who are familiar with processes together with our in-house tool and fixture construction ensure an extremely tight and flexible value chain. To ensure a smooth workflow, the tool and fixture construction and industrial engineering departments are in direct contact with each other. The latter works very closely with the automation team.